DMV Exam Questions and Answers

Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) Exam Questions.

To Get through DMV follow the following procedure:
ID Required...6-points, plus proof of address:
1. An original civil birth certificate or passport = 4 pts.
2. An original social security card = 1 pt.
3. High school waiver (score) card or school ID = 1 pt.
4. Proof of address - school document or bank statement showing name and address.


  • At the test center, the licensed driver with the permit driver, must present license, and must show the registration and insurance card for the vehicle. It is vital that the licensed driver remain in the vehicle with the permit driver until the test starts.
  • The car you take for the test needs to be clean and in good running condition with no safety hazards. It also needs to be equipped with a hand brake in the middle or easy access to the foot brake for the driving inspector.
  • If you pass the road test, you will obtain a four-year digital photo license.
  • If you fail the road test, you must wait at least two weeks before taking the test again. Rescheduling the road test is required.

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Go Through following Questions, before you appear for DMV Test

1) Any change of address on your drivers license must be reported within:
A) One month
B) Two weeks
C) Two months
D) One week
Correct Answer: D

2) If you fail the road test for your drivers license on your first try, before taking another test you must wait at least:
A) Two months
B) One month
C) Two weeks
D) One week
correct answer is C

3) Before turning, you must signal at least:
A) 100 yards in advance
B) 100 feet in advance
C) 1 block in advance
D) 500 feet in advance
correct answer is B

4) A driver examination permit only becomes valid when you:
A) Reach the age of 21
B) Pass eyesight and written tests
C) Complete driving school course
D) Pass the road test
correct answer is B

5) When you move into NJ with a license from another state, you may drive with your out-of-state license for:
A) 30 days
B) 60 days
C) 90 days
D) One year
correct answer is B

6) You must report a lost, stolen, or damaged license within:
A) One month
B) Two weeks
C) One week
D) 24 hours
correct answer is D

7) Under the law, basic drivers licenses are normally issued for:
A) One year
B) Two years
C) Three years
D) Four years
correct answer is D

8) When driving a motor vehicle you are required to have your drivers license and:
A) Title to vehicle and registration
B) Registration and insurance card
C) Insurance and ownership card
D) Title of vehicle and insurance card
correct answer is B

9) A driver examination permit may be obtained at the age of:
A) 16
B) 16 1/2
C) 16 3/4
D) 17 and older
correct answer is D

10) If a student driver commits a traffic offense, responsibility will be with:
A) Only the student
B) Only the instructor
C) Neither student nor instructor
D) Both student and instructor
correct answer is D

11) In order to register a used car in NJ, you must have:
A) A drivers license
B) License plates
C) Proof of ownership
D) An inspection sticker
correct answer is C

12) If you get new license plates the old ones should be:
A) Thrown away
B) Returned to Director of Motor Vehicles
C) Turned in at any police station
D) Turned in at any Motor Vehicle Inspection Station and a receipt given to you
correct answer is D

13) If you drive without an insurance card in your car the penalty is:
A) Up to $100 fine
B) 30 days in jail
C) Revocation of license
D) Up to $500 fine
correct answer is A

14) When you trade in your old car for a new one, you:
A) Must buy new plates at the time of registration
B) Must buy new plates within 60 days after registration of vehicle
C) Can use your old plates and register the new vehicle
D) Must use temporary plates until the new vehicle is registered
correct answer is C

15) License plates should be placed on front and rear of car and should be:
A) 1 1/2 feet from ground
B) 2 feet from ground
C) Between 12 and 48 inches from ground
D) 10 inches from ground
correct answer is C

16) The registration of your car must be renewed:
A) Every year
B) Every 2 years
C) Twice a year
D) 4 times a year
correct answer is A

17) In order to drive in NJ, your car must be insured for:
A) Theft
B) Fire damage
C) Collision
D) Liability
correct answer is D

18) If you are driving a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker, you are subject to:
A) A fine
B) An arrest
C) Registration revocation
D) All the above
correct answer is D

19) If your car fails inspection, to make the necessary repairs and have it reinspected, you have:
A) 30 days
B) 60 days
C) 90 days
D) 120 days
correct answer is A

20) Who is responsible for keeping your car registered and inspected?
A) The Director of Motor Vehicles
B) The Governor
C) You
D) Your local mechanic
correct answer is C

21) When a car is registered in NJ, how many license plates are issued?
A) One
B) Two
C) Three
D) Four
correct answer is B

22) A car must be inspected:
A) Once a year
B) Twice a year
C) Every two years
D) Every three years
correct answer is C

23) Liability insurance protects you from damage due to:
A) Theft and fire
B) Property damage and injury
C) Vandalism
D) Flood and water damage
correct answer is B

24) If you are convicted of driving without insurance in NJ, what will happen to you?
A) You will be rquired to pay a fine
B) You will have your license suspended
C) You will have your registration suspended
D) All of the above
correct answer is D

25) The six month license suspension for failure to take a breath test for alcohol:
A) Is dependent on the arresting officer
B) Is not mandatory
C) Is mandatory
D) Is dependent on the judge
correct answer is C

26) You can get points:
A) For failing to pay fines
B) For repeated parking violations
C) For failure to register your car
D) Only for a moving violation
correct answer is D

27) A motorist will probably have license suspended when the points on his record total:
A) 12 or more within 2 years
B) 6 to 8 within 3 years
C) 10 within 10 years
D) 2 to 4 within 2 years
correct answer is D

28) Penalty for driving with a suspended license, first offense?
A) $25 to $100 fine
B) $200 to $1000 fine and imprisonment up to 45 days
C) $500 fine and up to six months additional suspension
D) $500 fine and/or imprisonment up to one year
correct answer is C

29) NJ law allows points to be subtracted from your driving record if you have no moving violations and suspensions for:
A) 6 months
B) One year
C) 18 months
D) Two years
correct answer is B

30) The penalty for not telling the truth when applying for a license is:
A) Not less than $200 fine and/or up to 6 months in jail
B) Up to one year in jail
C) $50 fine
D) $200 fine and one year in jail
correct answer is A

31) A license may be suspended for cause by:
A) The court and Director of Motor Vehicles
B) The arresting police officer
C) The state attorney
D) The federal attorney
correct answer is A

32) Which law or regulation requires a driver to undergo a breath test when suspected of driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages?
A) Security Responsibility Law
B) NJ Point System Regulation
C) Implied Consent Law
D) Alcoholic Beverage Control Law
correct answer is C

33) If driver is convicted of possessing any narcotic drug while operating a motor vehicle, the penalty is:
A) Six month loss of license
B) Two year loss of license and minimum $50 fine
C) One year loss of license and $100 fine
D) Loss of license for a period determined by the Director of Motor Vehicles
correct answer is B

34) The best way to talk to other drivers is to:
A) Use your horn or lights
B) Be courteous and wave
C) Roll down the window and yell
D) Motion with your hands
correct answer is A

35) Two parallel white lines going across the road mean:
A) Bus stop
B) Crosswalk
C) Loading zone
D) School bus stops here
correct answer is B

36) The NJ speed limit in a residential or business district, unless otherwise posted is:
A) 25 mph
B) 40 mph
C) 15 mph
D) 50 mph
correct answer is A

37) You may pass on the right on a two-lane roadway when:
A) The driver in front of you (in the same lane) is turning left and there is sufficient room on the right to pass.
B) There is a slow moving vehicle ahead.
C) Entering an intersection.
D) There are no traffic signals.
correct answer is A

38) After you drive through a deep puddle of water:
A) Pump your brakes to test them
B) Race your engine to dry it out
C) Apply your brakes hard to test them
D) Speed up to dry your tires
correct answer is A

39) You can get alcohol out of your blood by:
A) Drinking coffee or eating
B) Taking a cold shower
C) Time
D) Vigorous exercise
correct answer is C

40) Hydroplaning means:
Hydroplanning - when a tire loses traction as a result of water on the road. The water accumulates under the tire's footprint and causes the tire to lift from the road surface. Vehicle speed, tread pattern and water depth all affect hydroplaning.
A) Road surfaces become slippery during the first minutes of rainfall.
B) A car will skid when water is deeper than the tire tread.
C) Brakes fail to hold when cars are driven through deep water.
D) Tire treads lose contact with a wet road.
correct answer is D

41) If two cars begin to enter an uncontrolled intersection at the same time:
A) The driver to the right must yield
B) The driver to the left must yield.
C) The driver entering first must yield to the driver on the right.
D) The driver going straight through proceeds first.
correct answer is B

42) Which of the following safe driving skills are affected by alcohol:
A) Alertness
B) Judgement
C) Reaction
D) All of the above
correct answer is D

43) If a vehicle is passing you, you must:
A) Speed up so he will not complete the pass
B) Continue at the same speed and signal the oncoming traffic
C) Flash your lights and sound your horn to warn the car passing you that it is unsafe.
D) Slow down to make it easier for the driver to complete the pass in time.
correct answer is D

44) A green arrow means:
A) Proceed as shown by the arrow
B) Stop, proceed with caution
C) Slow before entering the intersection
D) Stop before the crosswalk
correct answer is A

45) Front seat occupants must wear a seat belt, the driver is responsible for those:
A) 10-20 years of age
B) Under 18 years of age
C) 18 years and over
D) Anyone sitting in the passenger seat
correct answer is B

46) As you drive, you must turn your headlights on:
A) When you turn your wipers on
B) One-half hour after sunset
C) One-half hour before sunrise
D) All of the above
correct answer is D

47) If you are driving behind a school bus and it shows a flashing red light signalling a stop, you must:
A) Stop at leat 25 feet away
B) Slow down to 10 mph
C) Speed up and pass
D) Stop directly behind the bus
correct answer is A

48) A 5-ounce glass of wine contains the same amount of alcohol as:
A) One pint of whiskey
B) A gallon of wine
C) A 6-pack of beer
D) One 12-ounce can of beer
correct answer is D

49) If you run off the pavement, the first thing you should do is:
A) Apply your brakes
B) Slow down and turn back onto the pavement slowly.
C) Stop quickly.
D) Turn back quickly.
correct answer is B

50) If you have a blowout while driving:
A) Drive to the shoulder of the road immediately, then apply brakes to stop.
B) Keep the car going straight, slow down gradually and then pull off the road.
C) Apply brakes for a quick stop.
D) Hold the steering wheel loosely and steer to the shoulder immediately
correct answer is B

51) If you have a blood alcohol concentration of .15 percent, your chances of having an accident is:
A) 6 times as great
B) Double
C) 25 times as great
D) 3 times as great
correct answer is C

52) Yellow lines down the center of the road:
A) Allow passing when safe.
B) Separate traffic flow in opposite directions.
C) Mean a residential district.
D) Mean curve on hill ahead.
correct answer is B

53) When parking uphill with a curb, you should always set the emergency brake and turn the wheels:
Curb: A curb or kerb (see spelling differences) is the edge where a raised pavement/sidewalk/footpath, road median, or road shoulder meets an unraised street or other roadway. Typically made from concrete, asphalt, or long stones (often granite), the purpose is twofold: first as a gutter for proper drainage of the roadway, and second for safety, to keep motorists from driving onto the shoulder, median, sidewalk, or pavement.
A) Away from the curb
B) Toward the curb.
C) So the are straight.
D) Back and forth
correct answer is A

54) Dim your headlights to low beam when:
A) Entering a curve
B) Driving on dark roads
C) Approaching or following another vehicle
D) Parking on an unlit highway
correct answer is C

55) In NJ, snow studded tires are permitted:
A) January 1st - May 1st
B) November 15th - April 1st
C) November 1st - May 1st
D) December 1st - June 15th
correct answer is B

56) An acceleration lane is:
A) The left lane of a two-lane highway
B) The passing lane
C) An extra lane at a highway entrance
D) An extra lane at a highway exit
correct answer is C

57) When using the brakes, a common mistake a new driver makes is:
A) Not pushing the brake pedal hard enough.
B) Stopping too soon.
C) Pumping the brakes.
D) Pushing the brake pedal too hard.
correct answer is D

58) Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) in the body is related to:
A) A persons weight.
B) The amount of alcohol he drinks.
C) The time he takes to drink the alcohol.
D) All of the above.
correct answer is D

59) Crossing center lines on a two-way roadway for passing is legal when:
A) Both lines are solid.
B) Both lines are solid with no traffic visible in the opposite direction.
C) The solid line is on your side of the highway.
D) The broken line is on your side of the highway.
correct answer is D

60) In order to steer the car while moving backward, you should turn:
A) The steering wheel in the direction opposite the way you want the rear of the car to go.
B) The steering wheel in the direction you want the rear of the car to go.
C) The steering wheel clockwise for the rear of the car to go to the left.
D) The steering wheel in the direction you want the front of the car to go.
correct answer is B

61) If a collision is impossible to avoid, you can lessen the impact by:
A) Steering toward objects that give
B) Heading toward moving objects
C) Dropping to the car floor
D) Steering away from objects that do not
correct answer is A

62) A single, solid white line across(opposite side) a road at an intersection means:
A) No parking zone
B) Bus stop
C) Stop within five feet of the line for a sign or traffic light
D) Tow-Away zone
correct answer is C

63) At night, you should drive slow enough to be able to stop within:
A) 4 car lengths
B) 10 seconds from the time you apply the brakes
C) The distance ahead lighted by your headlights
D) The time it takes for a light to change from yellow to red
correct answer is C

64) If you go into a skid:
Skid: Slippery Ground.
A) Turn in the opposite direction the back of the car is skidding
B) Brake at once and steer in the direction the front end of your car is skidding
C) Keep a tight grip on the steering wheel and brake
D) Take your foot off the gas pedal and turn in the same direction the back end of the car is skidding
correct answer is D

65) When making a left turn from a two-way street you should get into the:
A) Right lane, or the lane farthest from the center lane.
B) Left lane nearest to the left curb.
C) Lane nearest to the center of the roadway.
D) Right lane, or the lane nearest to the right curb.
correct answer is C

66) What is an Habitual Offender ?
A) Any person whose license has been suspended once.
B) Any person whose license has been suspended 2 times in 2 years.
C) Any person whose license has been suspended 3 times in 3 years.
D) Any person whose license has been suspended 1 time in 2 years.
correct answer is C

67) The two-second rule refers to:
A) Stopping distance.
B) Following distance.
C) The distance ahead of you that you should be looking.
D) Reaction distance.
correct answer is B

68) A trianglular sign with an orange center and red border means:
A) School zone
B) Yield
C) Stop
D) Slow moving vehicle
correct answer is D

69) A person who refuses a Breathalyzer Test in conjunction with a first offense for driving under the influence is subject to:
A) A fine of $50.
B) A fine of $50 and six months loss of license.
C) Loss of license for two years and a fine of $250-$400.
D) Loss of license for six months and a fine of $250-$500.
correct answer is D

70) If your car breaks down on any road, the first thing you should do is:
A) Look for the nearest phone.
B) Flag down a police officer.
C) Lift your hood.
D) Try to pull off the road.
correct answer is D

Toll free helpline Numbers

Air-Lines In India
Indian Airlines - 1600 180 1407

Jet Airways - 1600 22 5522

SpiceJet - 1600 180 3333


Mahindra Scorpio - 1600 22 6006

Maruti - 1600 111 515

Tata Motors - 1600 22 5552

Windshield Experts - 1600 11 3636


ABN AMRO - 1600 11 2224

Canara Bank - 1600 44 6000

Citibank - 1600 44 2265

Corporatin Bank - 1600 443 555

Development Credit Bank - 1600 22 5769

HDFC Bank - 1600 227 227

ICICI Bank - 1600 333 499

ICICI Bank NRI - 1600 22 4848

IDBI Bank - 1600 11 6999

Indian Bank - 1600 425 1400

ING Vysya - 1600 44 9900

Kotak Mahindra Bank - 1600 22 6022

Lord Krishna Bank - 1600 11 2300

Punjab National Bank - 1600 122 222

State Bank of India - 1600 44 1955

Syndicate Bank - 1600 44 6655

Cell Phones

BenQ - 1600 22 08 08

Bird CellPhones - 1600 11 7700

Motorola MotoAssist - 1600 11 1211

Nokia - 3030 3838

Sony Ericsson - 3901 1111


Adrenalin - 1600 444 445

AMD - 1600 425 6664

Apple Computers - 1600 444 683

Canon - 1600 333 366

Cisco Systems - 1600 221 777

Compaq - HP - 1600 444 999

Data One Broadband - 1600 424 1600

Dell - 1600 444 026

Epson - 1600 44 0011

eSys - 3970 0011

Genesis Tally Academy - 1600 444 888

HCL - 1600 180 8080

IBM - 1600 443 333

Lexmark - 1600 22 4477

Marshal's Point - 1600 33 4488

Microsoft - 1600 111 100

Microsoft Virus Update - 1901 333 334

Seagate - 1600 180 1104

Symantec - 1600 44 5533

TVS Electronics - 1600 444 566

WeP Peripherals - 1600 44 6446

Wipro - 1600 333 312

xerox - 1600 180 1225

Zenith - 1600 222 004

Couriers/Packers & Movers

ABT Courier - 1600 44 8585

AFL Wizz - 1600 22 9696

Agarwal Packers & Movers - 1600 11 4321

Associated Packers P Ltd - 1600 21 4560

DHL - 1600 111 345

FedEx - 1600 22 6161

Goel Packers & Movers - 1600 11

UPS - 1600 22 7171


Edu Plus - 1600 444 000

Hindustan College - 1600 33 4438

NCERT - 1600 11 1265

Vellore Institute of Technology - 1600 441 555


Best on Health - 1600 11 8899

Dr Batras - 1600 11 6767

GlaxoSmithKline - 1600 22 8797

Johnson & Johnson - 1600 22 8111

Kaya Skin Clinic - 1600 22 5292

LifeCell - 1600 44 5323

Manmar Technologies - 1600 33 4420

Pfizer - 1600 442 442

Roche Accu-Chek - 1600 11 45 46

Rudraksha - 1600 21 4708

Varilux Lenses - 1600 44 8383

VLCC - 1600 33 1262

Home Appliances

Aiwa/Sony - 1600 11 1188

Anchor Switches - 1600 22 7979

Blue Star - 1600 22 2200

Bose Audio - 1600 11 2673

Bru Coffee Vending Machines - 1600 44 7171

Daikin Air Conditioners - 1600 444 222

DishTV - 1600 12 3474

Faber Chimneys - 1600 21 4595

Godrej - 1600 22 5511

Grundfos Pumps - 1600 33 4555

LG - 1901 180 9999

Philips - 1600 22 4422

Samsung - 1600 113 444

Sanyo - 1600 11 0101

Voltas - 1600 33 4546

WorldSpace Satellite Radio - 1600
44 5432

Hotel Reservations

GRT Grand - 1600 44 5500

InterContinental Hotels Group - 1600 111 000

Marriott - 1600 22 0044

Sarovar Park Plaza - 1600 111 222

Taj Holidays - 1600 111 825


AMP Sanmar - 1600 44 2200

Aviva - 1600 33 2244

Bajaj Allianz - 1600 22 5858

Chola MS General Insurance - 1600
44 5544

HDFC Standard Life - 1600 227 227

LIC - 1600 33 4433

Max New York Life - 1600 33 5577

Royal Sundaram - 1600 33 8899

SBI Life Insurance - 1600 22 9090


Kurl-on - 1600 44 0404

Sleepwell - 1600 11 2266


CAMS - 1600 44 2267

Chola Mutual Fund - 1600 22 2300

Easy IPO's - 3030 5757

Fidelity Investments - 1600 180 8000

Franklin Templeton Fund - 1600 425 4255

J M Morgan Stanley - 1600 22 0004

Kotak Mutual Fund - 1600 222 626

LIC Housing Finance - 1600 44 0005

SBI Mutual Fund - 1600 22 3040

Sharekhan - 1600 22 7500

Tata Mutual Fund - 1600 22 0101


Asian Paints Home Solutions - 1600 22 5678

Berger Paints Home Decor - 1600 33 8800


Asian Sky Shop - 1600 22 1600

Jaipan Teleshoppe - 1600 11 5225

Tele Brands - 1600 11 8000

VMI Teleshopping - 1600 447 777

WWS Teleshopping - 1600 220 777


Club Mahindra Holidays - 1600 33 4539

Cox & Kings - 1600 22 1235

God TV Tours - 1600 442 777

Kerala Tourism - 1600 444 747

Kumarakom Lake Resort - 1600 44 5030

Raj Travels & Tours - 1600 22 9900

Sita Tours - 1600 111 911

SOTC Tours - 1600 22 3344


APC - 1600 44 4272

Numeric - 1600 44 3266


Consumer Helpline - 1600 11 4000

L'Or e al, GARNIeR - 1600 223 000

KONE Elevator - 1600 444 666

Indane - 1600 44 51 15

Aavin - 1600 44 3300

Pedigree - 1600 11 2121

Kodak India - 1600 22 8877

Domino's Pizza - 1600 111 123

World Vision India - 1600 444 550

Telecom Monitoring Cell - 1600 110 420

Questions Arise on Google's privacy policy

A European Commission advisory group has raised concerns about how Google uses and manages users' search data.

A privacy advisory group composed of representatives from all of the European Union countries sent Google a letter expressing concern over the search giant's new privacy policy announced in March.

The issue surrounds Google's policy of anonymizing its server logs after 18 to 24 months. According to a Commission source, the advisory group is concerned with how the information is managed, rather than the length of time it is stored.

Google, which confirmed it received a letter from the chairman of the advisory group, said it will respond, as requested, before the group holds its next meeting in mid-June.


Harmful program distributed through e-mail

Hackers are trying to play on business' fear of legal action from customers to trick them into downloading a harmful program distributed through e-mail.

The e-mails purport to come from the Better Business Bureau, an organization that monitors and arbitrates disputes between consumers and businesses in the U.S. and Canada. The e-mails assert that a customer lodged a complaint against the recipient's business, according to a warning on the Web site of Websense, a security vendor.

The e-mails contain a Microsoft Word attachment with the text of the supposed complaint and instructions for how to respond. But embedded in that document is a keylogging program that captures data on the victim's computer and then uploads it to a server in Malaysia.


Powerful new weapon to fight against movie pirates

Malaysian cinemas have found a powerful new weapon in their fight against movie pirates -- military-style night-vision goggles.

After showing people to their seats, trained ushers are strapping on the goggles and scanning darkened cinemas around the country to spot anyone trying to make illegal copies of movies with hand-held video recorders or mobile phones.

The Motion Picture Association, which is training Malaysian ushers to catch the pirates, said cinemas had caught 17 people in the past two months, during which Hollywood studios released blockbusters like "Spider-Man 3" and "Pirates of the Caribbean."


Skype Worm Jumps to ICQ, MSN

A new variant of the Stration worm, which has been plaguing Windows users for the past year, has made the jump from Skype to the ICQ and MSN Messenger networks.

This latest variant popped up earlier this week, according to Chris Boyd, a researcher at FaceTime Communications Inc., who blogs under the pseudonym "Paperghost."

"They're using Skype as a jump off into other more established networks," Boyd said. "The infection will go looking for other instant messaging clients that are on the PC and then attempt to send the infection message that it initially sends through Skype through these other chat systems."


Firefox 3.0 Passes Major Milestone

Mozilla Corp. has met a major milestone in its march to Firefox 3.0, developers said yesterday, by adding another chunk of the new Places feature to the alpha set for release late next week.

Places -- a complete revamp of the bookmarks and history functions of the browser -- was at one point slated to debut in Firefox 2.0, but was yanked a year ago in the run up to that version's October 2006 release. Instead, it will debut in Firefox 3.0.

"We enabled the Places implementation of bookmarks on the trunk," said the Places team in a post to the Mozilla developer center blog. "Although there is still much to be done, this is an important milestone for us." Firefox 3.0 alpha 5 is scheduled to launch June 1.

Read More....

Intel India contributes 50 per cent to global revenues

The contribution of India to Intel’s global products is on the rise. The latest contribution has been on the notebook processor technology front with the Intel India Development Centre (IIDC) in Bangalore making around 50 per cent contribution to the Intel Centrino Mobile platform. Intel in India has around 3,000 people spanning various functions with the majority engaged in R&D activity.

Addressing media persons here on Thursday, Sandeep Shah, director - mobility group, Intel India, said, “We are on a ramp-up and increasing our value & inputs to these products.”
The latest mobile platform of Intel, formerly codenamed Santa Rosa, saw the India centre making various contributions in the areas of software validation, hardware board design, chipset and validation for the customers.
Mr Shah said that for the first time, the entire hardware board has been designed in Bangalore. Intel has also seen its three previous mobile platforms having contributions from IIDC. This also signifies the growing confidence of Intel in its India operations.
Intel India officials said that its expertise has been growing and has developing domain expertise in certain verticals. It was earlier providing support and validation functions and now has gone about implementing products independently. Mr Shah said this latest mobile platform will also be used in the small form factor PCs. This has been the second such activity for Intel in the recent past. It had recently unveiled a new chip called teraflop processor, which is capable of doing trillions of calculations per second. The IIDC had contributed 50 per cent towards the products in the areas of logic, circuit and physical design.

Microsoft introduces Fortza 2 in India

Microsoft Game Studios on Wednesday launched the upgraded version of its motor sports game, Fortza Motorsport 2, in India priced at Rs 1,895.

"The launch of Fortza 2 marks a new price point that Microsoft has introduced in the Indian market. We were earlier selling our titles for Rs 2,599 and have brought this popular title for just Rs 1,895," Microsoft Country Manager Entertainment and Devices division Mohit Anand told reporters.

He said the company had spent nearly 40 million dollars and two years in upgrading the title for gamers globally.

Microsoft is also planning to bring a top-end variant of its high-definition gaming console, X-Box Elite, in the Indian market by August.

The company is presently looking at bringing online gaming through XBox live in the country soon.

"We will introduce XBox live in India within this year," Anand said.

The company presently sells over 70 gaming titles in India and would soon introduce two new titles here, he added

Intel should be ashamed: Negroponte

The much-talked about 'One Laptop Per Child' project (OLPC) has sparked off yet another controversy. A big one actually! Nicholas Negroponte, founder and leader of the OLPC project and professor at MIT, has said in a TV interview that he would have notched up three million orders for the $100 laptop (now revised to $175), but for Intel's "shameless" business practices.

Negroponte bitterly accused the microprocessor major of selling its own cut-price laptop -- the Classmate PC – well below cost to drive him out of market. "Intel has hurt the mission enormously," Negroponte said.

Both Intel and Negroponte's not-for-profit organisation, OLPC, have developed a low-cost laptop aimed specifically at school children in the developing countries. Intel's Classmate PC runs Microsoft Windows and Linux, besides Open Office. There are several other differences in both the hardware and software. (Stay tuned in as we plan to bring more on this topic in the coming weeks!)

Negroponte believes that the main problem is that his machine uses a processor designed by Intel's arch rival AMD. "Intel and AMD fight viciously," he said. "We're just sort of caught in the middle."

Negroponte says Intel has distributed marketing literature to governments with titles such as "the shortcomings of the ‘One Laptop per Child’ approach," which outline the supposedly stronger points of the Classmate.

Negroponte's project is currently in a critical phase. Countries have time until this month-end to place their orders for the first batch and will be able to purchase in the lots of 250,000.

The laptops will initially cost $176, but the eventual aim is to sell the machine to government-run educational institutions in developing countries at its originally promised price tag of $100.

Speaking to US broadcaster CBS, Intel's chairman Craig Barrett denied the claims. "We're not trying to drive him out of business," said Craig Barrett. "We're trying to bring capability to young people."

Barrett has previously dismissed the $100 laptop as a mere "gadget." Meanwhile, Intel is very aggressively pushing its Classmate PC worldwide.

Infy to give biz edge to social entrepreneurs' dreams

After incubating purely-for-profit firms like Yantra and Onmobile, Infosys Technologies now plans to give social entrepreneurs a leg up.

The company, which donates 1% of its profits to social causes through the Infosys Foundation, has started a new initiative within the company through which it will support, and in some cases fund, ideas on social entrepreneurship and convert them to viable business plans.

However, the focus will not be so much on funding, as it will be on providing guidance in taking the idea forward and making it self-sustaining, says Sanjay Purohit, associate vice-president & head of corporate planning at Infosys. Mr Purohit is one of the key people spearheading the initiative in the company.

“Right now, what we have is an operational corpus to run the program. Entrepreneurs can approach Infosys like any other corporate. We’re not shutting out the possibility of seed funding some of the initiatives,” Mr Purohit told ET.

The linkage will allow entrepreneurs to tap the management expertise of one of India’s most admired firms and use it to build world-class organisations working for social causes. Apart from Mr Purhoit, CEO designate Kris Gopalakrishnan will also be actively involved in the initiative. He will be the sponsor and official mentor of the initiative.

The initiative, called InfYi will function as the corporate chapter of the Young India initiative started by the Confederation of Indian Industry. Reflecting that charter, all its members below the age of 35 will be Infoscions.

So far, 90 people have been enrolled in the program, in addition to the dozen people who form part of the InfYi’s core team. The core team is made up of Infosys management council alumni — these are young Infoscions who are selected every year from among the employees to be on the management council for a year.

InfYi will have the backing of the Infosys management council to review the progress of the entrepreneurial ideas. The management council consists of the board members, head of departments, business heads and the 12 young Infoscions. It meets about eight times a year.

Based on the inputs that a project or idea needs, a senior council member will contribute to it. The projects could be in youth affairs, education, healthcare, economy or any other socially-relevant area. So far, InfYi has received 13 project ideas. Three of these will be shortlisted taken from concept to execution. They will be put through the paces by a team which has worked out how to capitalise on opportunities and survive downturns.

IBM rules out setting up fab unit in India

Ruling out setting up of any fab facility in India, IBM has said that it would be keen to providing the technology know-how to any of the units coming up in the country.

“We will be ready for technology transfer whenever they (fab units) are ready as we are keen on contributing towards the growing ecosystem of the Indian semiconductor industry,” said, Adalio Sanchez, GM of global engineering solutions, STG, IBM.

IBM has been associated with the semiconductor industry for around 30 years and its activity includes manufacturing, design and R&D. The multi-billion dollar IT giant had also recently set up the Semiconductor Research and Development Enablement Centre (SRDC) in Bangalore, which is its sixth globally and the first outside the US and Europe. Mr Sanchez said it would be keen on the transfer of process technology to proposed fab units in India and not any chip design activity.

IBM has also announced a grand alliance with four other major players in the semiconductor industry to work on the latest 32nm bulk CMOS process technology. The other partners include Chartered, Samsung, Infineon and Freescale.

According to IBM, the five companies intend to work together to come out with technology for chips which is high on performance while using lesser power. It is also looking at a common manufacturing platform strategy, whereby the technology can be more easily transferred between partners.

Mr Sanchez said that the Bangalore centre will also be playing very key role in latest development. As the centre is less than a year old, it is still on the growth phase it has been engaged in the testing and validation services. The chips developed by IBM and its partners have found its application largely in servers and storage products. However, it has also used in video games, medical electronics, telecom, defence among others

Google hopes search translation tools make profit

Google Inc. planned to introduce a feature Wednesday that automatically translates Internet search requests and results in 12 languages, underscoring the rapidly growing company's ambitions outside the United States.

The tools allow Google's users to enter search requests in their native languages and then choose to have the phrases as well as the accompanying results automatically translated into another language. Users can then click on a link and have the entire Web page translated through a service that Google had already been offering.

Google expects the new translation service for search results to be particularly popular outside of the United States and the United Kingdom because so much of the Internet's content is published in English.

Besides English, Google's search results translator works in Arabic, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese. Yahoo Inc., which runs the Web's second largest search engine behind Google, already offers a service that has been automatically translating search results in Germany, France and Japan since 2005, spokeswoman Kathryn Kelly said. The Sunnyvale-based company also offers translation tools through its BabelFish site.

More recently, Yahoo has been trying to woo more traffic outside the United States through its ``answers'' service, which relies on its users to respond to each other's questions in nine different languages.

By making its search engine more appealing to people who don't speak English, Google is angling to sell more advertising in international markets and maintain the impressive financial growth that has driven a more than fivefold increase in its stock price in less than three years. The Mountain View-based company's shares fell $1.89 to $473.97 Wednesday.

Google's family of Web sites, including online video pioneer, already attracts the world's largest audience, according to comScore Media Metrix.

American Technology Research analyst Rob Sanderson is among those who believe Google is poised to cash in on its opportunities outside the United States and Britain.

Google collected $7.6 billion (euro5.63 billion), or 72 percent, of its 2006 revenue from sources in the United States and Britain, Sanderson said in a report issued Tuesday. If the company had fared as well in other key markets around the world, Sanderson estimated Google would have generated an additional $4.9 billion (euro3.63 billion) to $8.7 billion (euro6.45 billion) in revenue last year

``Clearly growth in international markets can significantly move the needle for'' Google, Sanderson wrote. ``We believe it is only time that stands in the way of capturing this opportunity.'' In a separate move to boost its profits, Google reportedly is nearing a $100 million (euro74 million) deal to buy privately held FeedBurner Inc., which helps Web logs and other online publishers attract traffic and advertising through a distribution channel known as ``really simple syndication,'' or RSS.

The acquisition, which has been rumored for the past week, is expected to close in early June, according to TechCrunch, a well-connected blog that revealed Google's plans to buy YouTube three days before that deal was announced last October. Contacted Wednesday, Google declined to comment on its reported interest in Chicago-based FeedBurner.

In another move Wednesday that had long been anticipated, Google began experimenting with the distribution of video ads to a small group of Web sites. The company will share the video revenue with its partners, just as it does with the short, text-based ads that account for most of its profit.

The video ads, which will be limited to 30 seconds, can be skipped by a Web site's visitors.

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