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Search Engine Optimization Tips and Tricks

Why SEO Tips requires?
Publishing Website is not enough it is necessary that it gets attention by huge audience. How do I get Huge Audience to visit my Blog/Website Daily? As servey says 90% of traffic to any websites is generated through search engine and so it is necessary that you should follow some of the most basic SEO tips to attract a Huge audience to your website. Huge audience can turns you into Huge earning. Its all about presenting your content so that it rules search engine and thus more traffic.

SEO Tips and Tricks

Tips consideration while designing Page.

  1. Making a Title relevant to your content of your website.
  2. Making proper keywords releated to your content in Meta Tag. If you are blogger than make use of meta tag which overall relates to your blog.
  3. Content is important portion, search engines give priority to content which are
    1. Simple
    2. Concise
    3. Complete
    4. Unique (Not containing to much links to original publisher).

Tips for Optimizing Web Page Content : Speeding up the WebSite : Enhancing Website Performance.

After you have design and develop your web page content, it is time to check its optimization. Keep following points in your mind to optimize the web page and overall website.

  1. Keep webpage content smaller in size. Don’t show huge content on one page, rather divide it in more than one page.
  2. Image associated with content can improves readability, but it can bring down webpage/ website performance, so you should balance the number of images and identify the need of its display. Avoid too much Images.
  3. Avoid heavy animation file and video content.
  4. Finding broken or missing links, make use of service provided by OctaGate Site Timer, It will display broken or missing links in your webpage/website as red. Thus it is easy to find them and avoid them.
  5. Efficient Programming, code should be optimized. Minimize your code
    1. For Javascript minimizing : Javascript Minimizer.
    2. For CSS Minimizing : CSS Minimizer
  6. Checking your webpage/website with Web Optimization Tools available online.
    1. Web Page Analyzer It will display complete analysis of your webpage/website and display a report summarizing, size of your content, downloading speed for it on different bandwidth, and recommendations to improve your webpage/website speed.
  7. Invest more in hardware for Load Balancing, If your servers are overloaded and can't cope with the load that's placed on them.
  8. Upgrade your Internet connection, if your bandwidth is insufficient for the load that the user place on the page.

Tips for Promoting Web Page Content.

After you have publish the page, next phase comes is promoting the content. You can use following services to promote your webpage content.

  1. Using Free Website Promotion Service to submit your website/webpage

a. 123 Submit - Submits your site to 21 major search engines

b. Submit Express - Submits your URL to 30+ search engines for free.

c. Free WebPage Search EngineSubmission - Submits your web page to nearly 300,000 search engines and pages. In return you need to place their banner on your page.

  1. Make use of FeedBurner Service.

  1. Put bookmarker at end of your content, so that user can visit your content as per his/her needs. Popular bookmarking service are :
  1. Google
  3. Digg it
  4. Blogmarks
  5. feedmelinks
  6. Furl
  7. reddit
  8. Spurl
  9. Yahoo
  10. Squidoo
  11. StumbleUpon
  1. Keep updating your website, if you are webmaster than keep your website up to date, this will increase users curiosity and thus more traffic.

  1. Allow user to Link your post/article to their website.

  1. Playing contest and participation can also attract like minded users.
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